Exploring Science and Technology at the Austin Regional Science Fair

The Round Rock Community Association (RRCA) organizes a STEM Day every year to motivate students to delve into the realms of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. High schoolers collaborate in teams to complete a science project or experiment to demonstrate what they have learned. Younger students from second to fifth grade have the chance to work together, applying and broadening their classroom lessons in an interactive, team-oriented format that encourages enjoyable learning. To take a more structured approach, enroll children in a workshop at Mad Science, located in southwest Austin.

Kids from 4 to 10 years old in and around Round Rock can present their research and the incredible wonders of science. The Austin Science Education Foundation (ASEF) promotes students' knowledge and participation in STEM, preparing them and teachers for the Austin Metropolitan Area Regional Science and Engineering Fair, organizing the fair and supporting selected students to move on to the next contests. Meghan Brenenstuhl, Douglas Chaiken, Patrice Hayes, Trevor Jaksch, Rebecca Rasmussen, Alyssa Sheil, Milo Tran and Matthew Tweden competed in the Junior Division of the Austin Energy Regional Science Festival on Thursday, February 16. Students from kindergarten to twelfth grade have fun learning creative problem solving in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM).

Alex Chaiken, Gabe Graf, Jarrett Grier, Addison LeCates, Joshua Millikan and Lydia Pergande participated in the Regional Science Fair on Thursday, February 19.

The Austin Metropolitan Area Regional Science and Engineering Fair is one of the largest regional science fairs in Texas, with nearly 3,000 students from third to twelfth grade. The best projects from the Senior Division advance directly to the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair.

Students in grades 6 through 8 have the opportunity to work together, applying and expanding their classroom classes in an interactive, team-centered format that encourages the joy of learning. On February 22nd, 5 students represented RRCA at the Junior and Senior Regional Science Fair. Additionally, eleven students from third through sixth grades competed in the Elementary Division of the Regional Science Fair in February. The Greater Austin Regional Science and Engineering Fair serves public, charter, private and domestic school students from these Central Texas counties whose projects won at their schools' science fairs: Bastrop, Brazos, Burleson, Caldwell, Comanche, Fayette, Lee, Mills, Travis, Washington, Williamson and North Hays Counties. At the western end of Zilker Park lies the Austin Science & Nature Center which provides an opportunity for kids to get interested in their hometown's local ecosystem. The center offers a variety of activities such as interactive exhibits that allow kids to explore different aspects of nature like geology or wildlife.

There are also educational programs that teach kids about different topics such as astronomy or botany. Additionally there are special events like bird watching or nature walks that help kids learn more about their environment. The Austin Metropolitan Area Regional Science and Engineering Fair is an excellent chance for students to explore their interests in science and technology. It provides a platform for them to showcase their knowledge while also having fun with their peers. It is a great way for kids to learn more about their local environment while also gaining valuable skills that will help them succeed in life.

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