Volunteering to Make a Difference in Round Rock, Texas

The Austin Science Education Foundation provides a great opportunity to serve your community through General Volunteers Needed Austin Energy Regional Science. You can help by entering customer documentation into the computer, ensuring that all forms are received, and contacting the front desk if further documentation is required. You can also train or assist sports programs such as flag soccer, soccer, and basketball, evaluate client needs, determine eligibility for services, generate vouchers, and make referrals. Create hygiene kits that are distributed to schools, shelters, hospitals, and crisis centers across Williamson County.

For more information, contact Julia Porter, Watchdog Coordinator. Provide crisis intervention services and support to those in need. Provide information about our services and community referrals. Volunteers are needed during working hours.

Volunteers must complete training for sexual assault advocates and additional on-the-job training. The schedule may vary during the day or night, so you can set your own schedule. Classes will be held on an RRISD campus. The subject areas of GED are reading, social studies, science, writing, and mathematics.

If you can help with any of these subjects, you will benefit the students. Volunteers ages 13 to 15 must volunteer with one of their parents. Giving back to others can be one of the most rewarding experiences you'll ever have in your life. We are very grateful to our volunteers who help improve the quality of life for all children under STARRY's care.

We count on friends, volunteers, donors and other collaborators to help us enrich their lives every day. All cat caregivers must be at least 18 years old. Take the dogs out of the shelter for a walk so they can exercise, relieve themselves, socialize, and get out of the shelter for a while. You choose the size of the dog you feel comfortable walking with.

Give love and attention to dogs. Being able to talk to customers about the dog if they ask you to is also important. Being an older brother or older sister is one of the most enjoyable things you will ever do in life and one of the most satisfying. You have the opportunity to help improve a child's future by empowering them to achieve - and it's so much fun! As a direct care volunteer, you can provide companionship to the patient and temporary care to the caregiver. Visits can be at the patient's home or at an assisted living facility. An administrative volunteer provides support in the office through general administrative tasks such as filing, copying or calling by phone.

The Service Center depends on donations from the community to sell in our thrift stores; money from these stores goes directly to our service programs. The Parks Department will provide tools and materials for Brushy Creek Regional Trail (to be found in Trailhead south of the intersection with Highway 183 and Brushy Creek Road in Cedar Park). Local stores and restaurants generously donate food to our pantry - this food is incredibly important to the families we serve!Do you enjoy learning about local history? Meeting new people? Sharing stories of our county? Learning Center volunteers work with elementary school students to provide individual or small group homework help and general assistance during enrichment activities - depending on the needs of learning center staff and students. Some sites also have a program for teens if you prefer to work with older students.

If you have a specific passion or talent that you would like to share with students, let us know or speak directly to your learning center coordinator on your first day of volunteering! We are always looking for people to create and lead enrichment activities with children. Provide hot meals at home five days a week to people who due to illness, age or disability are unable to eat properly on their own - allowing people confined to their homes to live independently for as long as possible; alleviating isolation and loneliness for those confined to their homes. CareDrivers are an important part of ColorCancer - these are the faces our cancer patients (CaredFor) are most excited to see! Our volunteer drivers bring boxes and boxes of home care items to our CaredFor - brightening their day! ColorCancer CareDrivers will work closely with our team to coordinate delivery to patients at local cancer centers directly to patients' homes or other convenient locations for CareBox beneficiaries. CASA of Williamson County defends children who have been abused or abandoned by empowering our community to volunteer as an advocate for them through the court system on their path to a safe and permanent home. When Texas steps in to protect a child's safety, a judge appoints a trained CASA volunteer to make independent and informed recommendations in the best interest of the child - do you have a big heart and time to share?Many of our Health Sense Hospice clients live at home and often don't have company while their family members work or deal with other matters - we will adapt your time and talent to fit the needs of our patients; we cover a 5-county area but we'll match you with a patient in your area - many volunteers connect deeply with families and stay in touch exchanging holiday cards and helping families through difficult transitions! Audiobooks were delivered and the patient's quality of life improved so much that all staff realized how happy he had become - this individual care provided by volunteers made him discover that reading had been lost so he covered this need with audiobooks! Weekly bingo keeps a social butterfly involved in the community and less focused on their health!Thinkery loves working with individual and group volunteers - we believe in our volunteers' ideas and impact! Our volunteers provide hot meals at home five days a week; train or assist sports programs such as flag soccer, soccer or basketball; evaluate client needs; create hygiene kits;...and much more! Volunteering is an amazing way for individuals from all walks of life come together for a common cause: making Round Rock a better place.

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