Exploring the Science and Technology of Round Rock, Texas

Round Rock Independent School District students have been making a splash in the world of science and technology. Every year, the RRCA organizes a STEM Day to inspire students to delve into the realms of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. High schoolers work in teams to complete a science project or experiment to demonstrate what they have learned. The Texas Science and Engineering Fair (TXSEF) is an annual event sponsored by TWC, ExxonMobil and other partners and organized by Texas A&M University for high school and high school students.

The top students in the high school division also receive a scholarship to attend the Governor's esteemed Academy of Science and Technology Champions, held on a university campus in Texas. Finalists can participate as a team or take part individually in the science and engineering fair competition. After snagging first place, Roychowdhury will move on to the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), which will take place in May. Some of the winners from the senior division will compete at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).

The City of Round Rock offers a wealth of resources for those interested in exploring the science and technology of the area. The geographical information systems (GIS) of the City of Round Rock provide data on parcels, zoning, streets, public services, etc. The collection presents a chronological history of Round Rock and includes Old Town, the Chisholm Trail, historic sites and architecture, and oral histories. The Williamson County Genealogical Society website is an excellent starting point for researching the history of Williamson County and Round Rock.

Music on Main Street is a free music series on the Prete Main Street Plaza stage, 221 E. The online entry for the Texas Handbook for Round Rock, Texas provides a good and concise historical sketch of Round Rock. Round Rock Arts 512-218-7099The mission of the Round Rock Area Arts Council, also known as Round Rock Arts, is to promote, support and enhance artistic and cultural activities in the Round Rock area to transform the city into a vibrant arts and cultural scene. Select a category to find useful resources for each topic, organized by sections.

Preservation Minute videos Watch video segments about the history and preservation of historic Round Rock. The Austin Energy Regional Science Festival is one of the largest science fairs in Texas, with nearly 3,000 students from third to twelfth grade competing each year. We also had eleven students from third to sixth grade who competed in the Elementary Division of the Regional Science Fair last February. The science fair in Round Rock Texas provides an exciting opportunity for students to showcase their research projects in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

With so many resources available to explore these topics, it's no wonder that students from this area have been making such an impact on the world of science.

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