Explore the Wonders of Science at the Round Rock Science Fair

Are you looking for an educational and exciting experience? Look no further than the science fair in Round Rock, Texas! This community-supported event is a great opportunity for professionals in the fields of science and engineering to volunteer their time and help make the event a success. The Chamber has partnered with the Round Rock campus of Texas State University to support its STEM-for-All project. The top finishers from the high school division will have the chance to attend the Governor's Academy of Science and Technology Champions and move on to the virtual competition at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). Children from 4 to 10 years of age in and around Round Rock will present their research and the incredible wonders of science.

It's a great way for young minds to explore their interests in science and engineering. If you're interested in being a judge at the science fair, you can apply on the Texas Science and Engineering Fair website. All you need is a computer with reliable Internet access. The science fair is an excellent opportunity for people of all ages to learn more about science and engineering. It's a great way to get involved in your local community and help foster a love of science in young minds.

So don't miss out on this amazing event! At the Round Rock Science Fair, you can explore the wonders of science with your family and friends. You'll have the chance to learn about different scientific topics, such as physics, chemistry, biology, robotics, and more. You'll also get to meet experts in these fields who can answer any questions you may have. The event is free and open to everyone, so don't hesitate to come out and join in on the fun! You'll be sure to have an unforgettable experience that will stay with you for years to come.

So don't miss out on this amazing opportunity - come explore the wonders of science at the Round Rock Science Fair!.

Charlene Bracco
Charlene Bracco

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